Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems - Rent vs Buy?

alternating pressure mattress rent or buy

Pressure ulcers also known as bed sores are extremely painful, difficult to treat and dangerous. Caused by a number of factors such as prolonged pressure between the skin and the mattress that causes blood flow to restrict and soft tissue to die, shearing forces which cause the skin to tear, heat and moisture. Bed sores are a potential source of deadly infection. Prevention is key and treatment essential. Once a pressure ulcer has occured, depending on its stage and size, according to medical literature, the healing process will take months and up to 2 years.

Health care professionals recognize Alternating Pressure with Low AIr Loss as the prime therapy for prevention and treatment of bed sores. They prescribe alternating pressure mattress systems with low air loss to their patients. This leaves patients faced with the choice of Renting or Buying.

Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems - Rent vs Buy? 

There are a number of factors:

- Prevention or Treatment
- Severity of condition
- How long with the mattress be in use
- Functionality required to receive proper therapy
- Weight of patient

These factors will determine the type of alternating mattress required at the rental or purchase cost. For the purposes of comparison we will use the most common criteria.

- Existing Stage II pressure ulcer or higher
- Minimum of 6 month of treatment
- Alternating Pressure with low air loss therapy, variable cycle times, static air base, variable comfort settings

- Supporting up to 350 lbs. 


Average rentals costs =  $350 per month
Average Minimum use = 6 months (Stage II pressure ulcers and higher. Normal time of rent 8 months)
Rental Cost = $2,100.00 ($350 per mo x 6 mos)
Delivery Cost = $75.00



Avg. Purchase Cost  = $1,395.00
Usage = Owned
Delivery Cost = FREE


RENT = $2,175.00
BUY   = $1,395.00

6 Month = $   780.00 SAVINGS
1 Year =    $2,880.00 SAVINGS FIRST YEAR

- Mattress is new and will operate properly
- Pump is new and will provide optimum functionality
- Mattress has never been slept on by someone who may have had open wounds
- Mattress has never been slept on by someone who may have been incontinent
- Eliminate the possibility of infection due to improperly cleaned cover. 

Depending on the monthly rental cost, it may make sense to purchase an alternating pressure system with low air loss even if use is less than 3 months.

Purchasing an Alternating Pressure Mattress system with Low Air Loss is a much more cost effective and healthier option than renting.