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Recliner Overlays


Essential for the Prevention and Treatment of stages I-IV Pressure Ulcers, Improves Comfort and Relieves Pain.

Comforts Best Recliner Chair Therapeutic Cushions are used in the prevention and treatment of stages I-IV pressure ulcers. Our unique recliner chair cushions offer comfort and pressure redistribution for individuals who sit for extended periods of time or sleep in their recliners. Comfort's Best offers cushions utilizing the most effective therapies, Alternating Air, Gel and an exclusive hybrid recliner cushion that is a combination of alternating pressure, gel and foam. Our recliner overlays fit most standard recliners.

Ideal for home use for geri chair & hospital recliners, lift chairs and home recliners, high back wheelchairs,

comforts best exclusive product COMFORTS BEST EXCLUSIVES
- Lazy Boy & Lift Chair Alternating Pressure Recliner Overlay - 
Advanced Treatment, Adjustable Comfort, Skin Protection and Pain Relief for lazy boy style home recliners & lift chairs. 
- Alternating Pressure Dialysis Chair Cushion - 
Adjustable comfort, Pain Relief, Advanced Skin Protection for home & dialysis center chairs.
Recliner Air - Hybrid Therapeutic Recliner Cushion. A combination of Alternating Pressure, Fluidized Gel and Foam for Advanced treatment, Adjustable comfort, Skin Protection and Pain Relief for sores concentrated on the Buttocks, Coccyx and Sacral Areas for lazy boy style home recliners, lift chairs, dialysis and hospital recliners.
recliner cushions made in the USA 

All overlays are in-stock and available for immediate shipment.
Bariatric and custom sizes available on some models.

All Comfort's Best recliner cushions are manufactured in the US to the most stringent medical grade standards.

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