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About Alternating Pressure with Low Air Loss Support Surfaces - Alternating Pressure Mattresses & Mattress Overlays


alternating pressure with low air lossThe preferred protocol for the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers is a combination of two therapies: Alternating Pressure and Low Air Loss. This combination addresses the three primary factors that contribute to the incidence of pressure ulcers: Pressure, Temperature, and Moisture. Alternating Pressure with Low Air loss wheelchair seating and mattress overlays to redistribute pressure and improve comfort for the prevention of pressure ulcers and the treatment of Stage I and Stage IV pressure ulcers. Alternating Pressure is a dynamic air powered therapy which redistributes pressure by use of an alternating air pump through a bubble style pad or a series of air bladders. The air pressure varies in timed cycles within the alternating bladders to automatically redistribute pressure. Alternating Pressure is an excellent therapy for the prevention of pressure ulcers for those or are at low to moderate risk of developing pressure ulcers.
To ensure the quality, durability, health and safety of the alternating pressure support surfaces we offer, all are manufacturered in the US by Blue Chip Medical Products or Crown Medical Products. from materials sourced from US manufacturers. This ensures adhearance to the strictest US medical standards.

Therapeutic benefits of Alternating Pressure with low air loss
  1. Automatically Redistributes pressure
  2. Helps to reduce heat build up
  3. Assists in the reduction of moisture build up
  4. Improves comfort
  5. Prevention of pressure ulcers
  6. Treatment of Stages I - IV pressure ulcers

When to consider an alternating pressure mattress or overlay
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers, especially for those who are at moderate to high risk of developing bed sores
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers for those that can not reposition themselves
  • Treatment of stage I and stage IV pressure ulcers
  • Treat those who have any stage ulcer and are have moderate to high risk factors
  • Treat those at any stage who are moderate risk to high for skin breakdown


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Alternating Pressure with Low Air Loss Mattress Overlay


When to Consider alternative materials / therapies to alternating pressure with low air loss

  • Severe Burns:  Air Fluidized Therapy AFT
  • Flap Surgeries: Air Fluidized Therapy AFT


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