New Alternating Pressure Mattress with Remote 
Prevents Pressure Ulcers and Provides Independence and Comfort.

alternating pressure mattress with remote control 

Traumatic spinal cord injury (TSCI) is a significant cause of disability, with profound physical, functional and emotional consequences. While TSCI does not exclusively compromise the life of the individual after the incident, the decrease in functional independence has the greatest impact on many individuals. The TSCI patient requires additional care. Often it is the immediate family that willingly accepts the role of care giver. However, many TSCI patients want to be self-reliant to control their own comfort or to be part of the care giving process which includes the prevention of pressure ulcers.

For many TSCI patients, skin protection is achieved through the use of an alternating pressure mattress with low air loss. While extremely effective at skin protection, these systems require a care giver to control the most basic function of the system including patient comfort. For independent people with spinal cord injuries, this means they must rely on others to control comfort.

The Tradewind-ATS-RC Alternating Pressure Mattress with Remote Control

There are recent advances in skin protection support surfaces that address this need for those independent people with spinal cord injuries. Based on request of an agency that provides medical services to those injured in action, Blue Chip Medical Products developed an alternating pressure with low air loss mattress system that features a hand held remote. This innovative therapeutic air mattress is made for people with TSCI, traumatic spinal cord injuries, or disability that limits mobility. This newest alternating pressure mattress system with low air loss provides prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers while giving patient’s 24/7 control over their own comfort and pump control settings. The Tradewind ATS-RC with remote control was made specifically to address the needs of people with TSCI traumatic spinal cord injury or dibilitating conditions that has limited their mobility not their independence.

The Tradewind-ATS-RC Alternating Pressure Mattress with Remote Control provides the maximum in skin protection while providing people with TSCI, traumatic spinal cord injuries to regain control of their comfort and independence 24/7 without the need of a care giver.

The Tradewind ATS-RC with wired patient remote is an easy to operate, easy to read hand held remote. The remote provides control over mattress pump functions including:

tradewind remote control alternating pressure mattress with remote

  • Power 
  • Comfort Settings
  • Alternating & Static Modes 
  • Cycle Time
  • Auto Firm 
  • System Alerts 

These remote functions allows independence and control of the therapeutic sleep surface 24 hours and day 7 days a week. Available in 35”, 42” & 48” and models to support up to 750 lbs.

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