Treating pressure ulcers with an Alternating Pressure Mattress or a Lateral Rotation Mattress, which is the right choice for your needs.

Often we take calls from people requesting a Lateral Rotation Mattress System. When asked if a medical professional suggested lateral rotation therapy for the prevention or treatment of a pressure ulcer, the answer is most often "NO, I found it online. The nurse turns me on my side every two hours and I this is what I need". Logical however, not always accurate.  

What is a lateral rotation mattress system?. Lateral Rotation, also known as a turning mattress, is a mattress that "turns" the patient side to side to redistribute pressure. Much in the way that nursing staff would reposition/turn a patient slightly on their side to help prevent pressure ulcers. Care givers in the home setting assume that a lateral rotation mattress is a powered mattress that replicates manual turning (pressure reiief to prevent pressure ulcers) in the hospital setting. However, this is not always the case. While a lateral rotation mattress does help prevent and treat stages I-IV pressure ulcers, an Alternating Pressure Mattress with Low Air Loss may be a more approriate and more economical choice to treat and prevent stages I-IV pressure ulcers. 

When evaluating if a Lateral Rotation Mattress system is a more appropriate choice than an Alternating Pressure Mattress to prevent or treat a stage I-IV pressure ulcer please consider the following factors:

  1. Is the Patient immobile or unconscious?
  2. Does the Patient predominately lay flat?
  3. Does the Patient have respiratory issues?

If the answer is YES to all three of these conditions then a Lateral Rotation Mattress System may be more appropriate than Alternating Pressure with Low Air Loss. However, if the patient wants to prevent or treat a stage I-IV pressure ulcer and:

  1. Patient is often at an incline position
  2. Does NOT have repiratory issues

 An Alternating Pressure Mattress may be a more appropriate and more cost effective solution.

When choosing the best therapy for wound prevention or treatment, it is always be to consult with a medical professional  For more product information please contact Comforts Best from 8am - 11pm est at 888 450-0045.

None of the information above is meant to diagnose or treat any condition. Always refer to your physician when seeking medical advice.