For those confined to a bed or who have limited mobility and spend a lot of time in bed, an Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System is the most effective way to prevent and treat stages I-IV pressure sores. Doctors and wound care professionals prescribe the use of these systems however, one does not require a prescription to purchase this type of therapeutic mattress. With or without a prescription, there is much to consider when purchasing a system and very little information available including from healthcare professionals who lack an understanding of these systems.

Many patients have limited access to healthcare and can not afford full-time caregivers.  Most caregivers are not healthcare professionals. Therefore, it is up to the caregiver and/or patient to not only educate themselves when choosing the right system but learn how to set and maintain the system to provide proper therapy. Often it is up to the patient to set and maintain their mattress system for comfort and skin protection...and these settings can and do change throughout the day depending on many factors including position, weight, body shape, and weight distribution, incline, and more.

In most systems, the control pump is mounted on the footboard. Changing pump settings requires access to the pump and the knowledge to change the settings. Changing settings for a person with limited mobility is very difficult at best and impossible for many. Every patient is different, so as the patient raises and lowers the bed throughout the day which changes their weight distribution on the surface of the mattress, it can cause the patient to sink and discomfort, it becomes impractical to consistently maintain the optimal comfort support and skin protection individualized for that patient until now.

For several years, Blue Chip Medical Products Inc has been developing an alternating pressure low air loss mattress system that automatically adjusts to the patient as conditions/positions change throughout the day. The Adapt Pro Elite™ with PST is the first effective alternating pressure, true low air loss mattress system with patient sensing technology. The Adapt Pro Elite with PST senses the patient and automatically adjusts to provide the optimal comfort skin protection and healing without the assistance of the caregiver or patient. Adapt Pro is ideal for the patient with limited access to care throughout the day or for a busy caregiver. In addition to the PST technology, the Adapt Pro Elite features improved low air loss. The low air loss technology is built into the cover providing a more effective low air loss therapy. 

With years of research behind it, the Adapt Pro Elite with PST is the first of a new breed of patient-sensing therapeutic mattress systems.