Patients who receive home dialysis are at risk of developing pressure sores.

Ways to Prevent Pressure Sores for Home Dialysis Patients.

gel recliner cushion for home dialysis

Pressure sores are areas of injured skin and tissue caused by sitting in one position for too long. In the case of a home dialysis patient, the duration of treatment often requires individuals to sit in a recliner from three to five hours, frequent position changes are needed to prevent skin damage. However, this is not always possible with less mobile or older patients. Pressure ulcers can occur when the blood supply to the skin or underlying tissue is disrupted for a short period of time by the increase in pressure. When a change in position doesn't occur often enough a pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcers often occurs. 

Many individuals receive their treatment during the day.  Many choose to sit in their recliner. Some of the most popular recliners are Lazy Boy recliners, Golden Tech, Pride lift chairs. For those are more mobile, a gel recliner overlay is an excellent choice to improve comfort and relieve pressure for skin protection. For less mobile, infirmed or older individuals who are unable to relieve pressure by repositioning themselves frequently during treatment, there is an Alternating Pressure Recliner Overlay. This is a powered air cushion that works without the patients assistance to redistribute pressure every 10, 15 or 20 minutes, helping to prevent or treat stages I – IV pressure ulcers.

How an Alternating Pressure Recliner Overlay Cushion works.

An alternating pressure recliner overlay is constructed of a series of durable air 20” bladders that extend the length of the recliner. This provides skin protection from head to heel. Think of the bladders as a series of even and odd bladders connected to a sophisticated air pump. The odd series bladders fill with air while the even series bladders remain soft. In ten minutes (15 or 20 if chosen) the even series bladders fill with air and the odd series bladder become softer. This redistributes pressure and is extremely effective at preventing pressure ulcers during home dialysis. If an individual has an existing pressure ulcer the alternating pressure recliner overlay is extremely effective at treating stages I – IV ulcers.

Preventing Pressure Ulcers during home dialysis

There is only one alternating pressure recliner cushion made exclusively for home recliners such as a Lazy Boy or Lift Chairs such as Golden Tech, Pride or more. The most effective alternating pressure recliner cushion (9700 GRLB), is made by Blue Chip Medical Products, Inc. of Suffern, New York. The 9700GRLB is made exclusively for and sold exclusively by Comforts Best (  It was developed to prevent pressure ulcers in individuals who receive home dialysis, sleep or spend long periods of time in their Lazy Boy Recliner, Powered Recliner or Lift Chair.

alternating pressure pad for lazy boy recliners

Pressure is not the only contributing factor to developing a pressure ulcer during dialysis.

For individuals who are not able to shift their weight without assistance and for heavier patients, Heat and Moisture are exacerbating factors. With a foam cushion and particularly a memory foam cushion, that molds to the body and prevents air flow, heat and moisture can increase. Combine heat and moisture with pressure, and that is the most favorable environment for pressure ulcers to develop.

The most effective way to prevent pressure ulcers during home dialysis is to redistribute the pressures created by sitting.  The Gel Pro Gel Recliner Overlay, made entirely in the US by Blue Chip Medical Products, is an excellent first choice to relieve pressure for otherwise healthy and mobile individuals.  For those who are unable to relieve the pressure of sitting without assistance, the Chair Air 9700GRLB Alternating Pressure Recliner Overlay made for home recliners is the most effective way to improve comfort, prevent pressure ulcers from occurring and treat existing pressure ulcers. 

“I am a dialysis patient and spend 5-6 hours a day in a recliner during my treatment. I had lots of problems sitting that long so I started looking for something to make the time more comfortable. I looked everywhere for something to help. Finally, I saw the Chair Air and decided to try it. Best investment in my future I could have made. It has made my future look better.” Thanks, to who ever invented this product.

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