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Positioning & Support

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Model #:cp-dc
Manufacturer: Blue Chip Medical
Comforts Best Anti-Stress Cervical Pillow for back and side sleepers promotes comfort and proper neck and spine alignment for a restful night sleep.

Quick Overview:

Use: Anti-Stress Head & Neck Support and Positioning
Size: 23" x 17"
Core: Soft Resilient Fiber Fill
Cover: Soft Poly/ Cotton
MFG: Made in the USA from US sourced materials

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Duo-Comfort Cervical Pillow

Specifically designed for those who sleep on their side or back. This pillow reduces strain on the neck associated from 
hyper-extension while sleeping. The pillow is filled with a hypo-allergenic, high-lofted, polyester fiber and covered with a white poly/cotton cover.

This incredible “Anti-Stress” pillow will make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. This unique design 
promotes support, by keeping the head and spine in proper alignment at all times. Proper amount of “give” in the 
hypo-allergenic, high lofted fiber filling ensures support without hindering circulation.

Our pillow is made in the USA from all US sourced materials to medical grade standards.
This ensures the safety,durability and health of our cover and hypo-allergenic, high-lofted, polyester fiber fill. 

The pillow is covered in a soft white poly/cotton cover.


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