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How to Clean an Alternating Pressure Mattress


  • ~ To prevent infection, mattresses should be cleaned regularly.
  • ~ The covers of your alternating pressure mattress system can not be put in a washing machine or dryer. Doing so will void the manufacturer's warranty on the cover.
  • ~ Do not autoclave.
  • ~ Lodophor type disinfectants (i.e. Betadine, etc.) are not recommended and will stain fabrics.
  • ~ All cleaning solutions must be properly diluted to manufacturer instructions. 
  • ~ Use cleaners acceptable for porous surfaces.
  • ~ Wear appropriate protective clothing when cleaning mattresses.
  • ~ The zippered foot end must not be opened during cleaning and infection control procedures, nor should it be opened during use

Damage to the mattress from improper cleaning may void the manufacturer's warranty.



Mattress covers can be cleaned with:

  • ~ Quaternary Wipe down (Properly Diluted)
  • ~ Phenolic Wipe down (Properly Diluted)
  • ~ 8-10% Bleach/Water Wipe down (Properly Diluted)

Using only these types of solutions will not cause fabric breakdown or loss of waterproofing.


The top and bottom cover should be cleaned with soapy water prior to disinfection. This will be effective on most stains including blood, urine and perspiration.


Cleaning Instructions:

  • ~ Use disposable soft cloth moistened with a organic cleaner or mild soapy warm water (104°F/40°C) 
  • ~ If cloth becomes soiled, change during the cleaning process.
  • ~ If using detergent, rinse with cold clean water and a clean cloth 
  • ~ Dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.


Disinfection Instructions:

  • ~ Wipe surfaces down with one of the cleaners listed above
  • ~ Wait 5 minutes to allow the disinfectant sufficient contact time
  • ~ After 5 minutes has elapsed wipe down with a clean cloth moistened with water. 
  • ~ Dry off with a clean cloth or paper towel – *always ensure the cleaned surfaces are allowed to fully dry before putting back into use.