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Therapeutic Foam Mattress

Model #:BCPR-II 3680
Manufacturer: Blue Chip Medical
Pre-Vent Pro Therapeutic Foam Mattress provides superior comfort, support and pressure redistribution to prevent pressure sores. Supports up to 350 lbs SALE

Quick Overview:

Therapy:  Pressure Redistribution Foam
Use: Prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers.
Size: 36" x 80" x 6"
Supports: 350 lbs
Core: Tri-laminate Medical Foam Design
Cover: Vyvex II™, fluid-proof,  anti-microbial, fire retardant.
Bottom Cover: 9oz. Tri-laminate Bottom Vinyl Cover.
Warranty: 5 Year Non-Prorated 

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Pre-Vent II Pro therapeutic foam mattress

The Pre-Vent II Pro™ therapeutic pressure redistributing foam mattress. The exclusive Sphere™, Reflect™ SCT™ and Multi-Flex™ designs react to body weight displacement across the entire surface. This prevents and relieves pressure sores by keeping the body in a constant state of suspension.

The unique shapes together with exclusive Med-Flex™ PPF™ foams, react instinctively to a compression set, allowing for a fully automatic, totally zoned surface. Other manufacturers’ surfaces are zone specific and must always take into consideration a patients weight, size (build) and shape. The exclusive designs act independently as their own self-adjusting, pressure-redistribution zone. 

  • Tri-Laminate Design 
  • Perfectly matched Med-Flex™ PPF™ foams throughout all layers Exclusive pressure-redistribution 
  • Reflect™ top layer 
  • Exclusive Heel Wrap™ PPF™ foam incorporated in top Reflect™ SCT™ layer for max. prevention of heel ulcers 
  • Med-Flex™ PPF™ foam pressure-redistribution center layer 
  • High-density Med-Flex™ PPF™ foam bottom layer 
  • Vyvex I™ Low shear nylon, fluid proof top cover 
  • Barrier Lok™ infection control system 
  • All Med-Flex™ PPF™ foams and cover materials are anti-microbial and fire retardant 
  • 6 year non-prorated warranty

Vyvex-l™ is a Nylon PVC-backed top cover with a low moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR). Vyvex-l™ is fluid proof and offer low-shear, low-friction protection and anti-microbial, fire retardant, stain resistant and washable. 

Med-Flex™ PPF™ (Pressurized Polymer Foaming) Manufacturing Process, thereby enhancing the product’s life and extending the uncompromising pressure-redistributing qualities of our foam mattress systems. 

Heel Wrap™ PPF™ Foam
Exclusive Heel Wrap™ PPF™ foam provides a cradle of comfort and support in the sensitive heel area with a softer foam that is more durable than conventional fiber/foam heel pillows. 

Barrier Lok™ Infection Control System
The Barrier Lok™ ensures that infection control standards are maintained, thereby providing investment protection on all Pre-Vent II Series® mattress systems.

Dual-Protection Slip Layer
The silk film slip layer eliminates friction between the inner foam core and the top cover. It offers added protection against the leaching of fluids to the inner foam core.

Anti-Microbial Protection All PPF™
Core Foam & Cover are anti-microbial and effectively protect against bacterial growth and a wide spectrum of micro-organisms, including (MRSA), mold, mildew, staining and odors caused by fungal organisms.

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