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Why a Blue Chip Alternating Pressure Mattress System is Superior in the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers.

Alternating Pressure is an extremely effective therapy in the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. Alternating Pressure Therapy is effective at redistributing pressure to prevent the restriction of blood flow to the skin. However, the combination of Alternating Pressure along with Low AIr Loss is a more effective therapeutic treatment.  All Blue Chip Medical Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems combine low air loss therapy with alternating pressure technology. This provides maximum pressure redistribution while helping to control moisture and heat for the prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers.

Why is a Blue Chip Alternating Mattress System with Low Air Loss Superior?

  • The most comfortable, effective, durable and affordable system on the market!
  • Combines two clinically effective therapies: Alternating Pressure with Low Air Loss
  • Superior for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers
  • Effective for Stages I-IV Pressure Ulcers
  • Blue Chip's Unique Static Air Base prevents the mattress from "Bottoming Out"
  • Whisper quiet pump
  • Unmatched Reliability - Each system is thoroughly tested prior to shipping
  • Extremely Durable - While most all other manufacturers quality has suffered, the quality of Blue Chip Systems has not been affected by complaince with Medicare's Competitive Bidding. 
  • Easy to Set-up
  • Easy to Use
  • The Choice of Hospitals & Nursing Care Facilities across the US
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Orders Ship Same Day
  • Custom Systems can be built
  • Bariatric Systems to support weights up to 1000 lbs
  • Variety of widths
  • A selection of systems to meet all requirements and budgets.

At Comforts Best we are proud to represent Blue Chip's complete line of Alternating Pressure Mattress Systems with Low Air Loss.

If you have any questions, a knowledgable representative is available from 8am - 11pm est.