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Alternating Pressure Mattress Low Air Loss

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Model #:9200
Manufacturer: Blue Chip Medical

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Adapt Pro Elite alternating pressure, low air loss mattress with PST accurately senses the patient & automatically adjusts to optimally treat & prevent Stages I-IV bed sores. Unique Low air loss cover and optional safety air side bolsters Supports 350 lbs

Quick Overview:

Therapy: Alternating Air Pressure Enhanced Low Air Loss with Patient Sensing Technology 
Use: Prevention and treatment of Stages I-IV pressure ulcers.
Size: 35" x 80" x 8", 42" x 80" x 8", 48" x 80" x 8" 
Supports: 350 lbs, 560 lbs., 800 lbs. 
Core: 20 independent 8″ deep air cells
Cover: Low Air Loss Vyvex-I Low shear, low friction nylon cover fabric
Misc: Patient Sensing Technology • Low Air Loss Cover • Hospital Grade

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Reg: $6,175.00

SALE $2,600.00

You Save 58%
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Adapt Pro Elite™ - Patient Sensing Alternating Pressure Mattress System with Enhanced Low Air Loss by Blue Chip Medical.  


The Adapt Pro Elite™ features the most advanced technology and dynamic customized patient care for the treatment and prevention of stages I-IV pressure sores. The Adapt Pro Elite™ is a patient-sensing therapeutic mattress system that combines therapies Alternating Pressure and Enhanced Low Air Loss.  The Adapt Pro Elite™ Patient Sensing Technology (PST) monitors the patient and automatically adjusts to create the patient’s optimal therapeutic surface.  Adapt Pro Elite™ offers enhanced Low Air Loss therapy. Normally, low air loss therapy is achieved through a series of lasered holes in the air bladders allowing them to ventilate. These ventilated low air loss bladders are under the mattress cover. However, in the Adapt Pro Elite™, the low air loss therapy is built into its innovative low air loss cover. This brings the low air loss therapy closer to the patient, helping to control and create the optimal micro-climate, reduces heat build-up and moisture. Adapt Pro's enhanced low air loss improves the effectiveness of the low air loss therapy and assists in the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. Adapt Pro Elite™ is available in 36", 42" & 48:". Designed to fit all standard hospital beds. Adapt Pro Elite™ 36" supports patient weights up to 400 lbs., 42" supports patient weights up to 560, 48" supports patient weights up to 800. The user-friendly controls and ease of setup make Adapt Pro Elite™, ideal for institutional use and the home-bound patient. Adapt Pro Elite™ meets California Technical Bulletin #117 for fire retardancy.

adapt pro elite mattress with bolster

Durable Dual Bladder Design: 20 independent 8″ deep air cells are constructed of (TPU) thermal polyurethane, laminated to medical-grade nylon for maximum durability and performance.

Static Air Base: Prevents patients from bottoming out during power outages.

Vyvex-I Enhanced Low-Air Loss Cover: Enhanced Low Air Loss therapy is incorporated into the mattress cover. The enhanced low air loss cover helps to dissipate heat and moisture away from the patient’s skin to create the optimal micro-climate. Vyvex-I® is a low shear, low friction nylon cover fabric that is washable, anti-microbial, fluid-resistant and fire retardant. The over is loose fitting and will conform to the patient.

CPR Valves: The CPR valve quickly deflates the alternating pressure mattress system for CPR to begin. The Adapt Pro with optional air side bolster, features an additional CPR valve to quickly deflate the side bolster for medical emergencies. A simple twist releases the air immediately. This multi-purpose CPR Valve can be used to inflate or deflate the mattress with our optional blower pump.

adapt pro elite pump

Control Unit includes modes of operation:


  • Alternating Mode
    Alternating pressure provides the therapeutic
    benefit of reactive hyperemia and redistributes pressure well below 32mmHg.
  • Static Mode
    Static mode provides gentle low air loss with constant pressure redistribution and support. This allows nursing to perform patient care.
  • Static Care Mode
    Falls back to Alternating in 20 mins.


  • Auto Detection (PST)
  • Fowler – Low 25º & Standard 45º


  • PST Patient Sensing Technology - Measures, Monitors and Adjusts Automatically to create the Optimal Support Surface
  • Comfort Control
  • Cycle Time 10 – 30 minutes
  • Auto-Firm - For quick fill
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Low Pressure & Power Failure Alarms
  • Control dial adjusts mattress from soft to firm for patient comfort.
  • Low-Pressure Alert and Auto Alarm System offer dual protection to notify the caregiver in case of power outages or accidental disconnection of hoses.
  • Transport locking device 
  • Static air base ensures mattress remains inflated during a power outage or for patient transport. 
  • Reinforced hoses prevent air restriction due to kinking. 
  • The optional blower pump can inflate or deflate the mattress through the multi-purpose CPR valve in under four minutes. This reduces waiting time for therapeutic treatment to begin.

Fire Safety:
Adapt Pro Elitte™ meets California Technical Bulletin #117 for fire retardancy. An optional fire barrier is available to meet the most stringent fire safety requirements when requested. 


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