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Gel Pro Elite™

Reg: $99.95

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Model #:6204N-16-16-amazon
Manufacturer: Blue Chip Medical

Availability: In stock

Blue Chip's Fluidized Gel Car Cushion offers the ultimate in Pain Relief. The Gel Pro Elite reduces driver fatigue, helps to keep you alert and comfortable. Made in the USA.

Quick Overview:

Use: Redistributes Pressure and Improves Car Seat Comfort 
Size: 18" x 16" x 2.5"
Supports: 250 lbs
Core: Fuilized Gel and Foam
Cover: Fluid Proof cover protects from coffee or soda spills 
Bottom Cover: Medical Grade Vinyl
Custom and Bariatric Sizes Available. Please state weight and size when ordering
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
MFG: Made In the USA from US Sourced Materials

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Reg: $99.95

SALE $67.96

You Save 32%
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The Gel Pro Elite™ - The Original and Most Comfortable Fluidized Gel Car Seat Cushion on the Market.

Fluidized gel car cushionPeople who spend time seated in their car seat often experience pain, tingling and numbness in their legs and back from the "interface" pressures between your body and the car seat. When the interface pressure becomes higher than "capillary closing pressure" the blood flow to your skin is restricted. This often causes the tingling (pins & needles), numbness and discomfort. Pressure can also be responsible for Sciatic pain which can radiate down the legs and to the toes. Gel Pro also reduces the sagging found in most drivers seats. The key for painfree driving is pressure relief.

Our Gel Pro™ Elite Fluidized Gel Car Comfort Cushion helps relieve driver fatigue, pain, numbness and tingling to keep you comfortable, alert and pain free. All Comfort's Best Gel Car Seat Cushions are manufactured by Blue Chip Medical, recognized for manufacturing the finest, pressure relieving medical cushions prescribed by doctors and therapists across the US. 

Why Fluidized Gel is better that Solid Gels.
Fluidized Gel means that the gel is softer and in a more "fluid" state. Fluidized Gel conforms perfectly to the body's contours and bony prominences. The aqueous Soft flo™ gel envelopes you in comfort and support whereas solid gel does not. Scientific pressure maps prove that the Fluidized Gel in the Gel Pro Elite™ is more pressure relieving than solid gel.

The Gel Pro is the perfect combination of Fluidized Gel and Foam. The foam shell of the Gel Pro™ is constructed from high-density foam surrounding a segmented aqueous gel bladder. The bladder contains a fluidized gel to provide comfort and unsurpassed pressure redistribution.  The aqueous, highly viscous gel provides for proper immersion and envelopment especially around area where the skin is closer to the bone. Gel Pro also reduces the sagging found in many car seats and help to stabilize and maintain proper seating. Blue Chip's Gel-Pro™ Elite gel car comfort cushions are covered in a waterproof vinyl and low-shear nylon material. The cover material helps reduce heat and moisture build-up.  and is so comfortable and effective that it is also for medical use.

Pressure mapping Fluidized Gel Car Seat CushionOur cushions will not be ruined by coffee or soda spills.... our covers are fluid-proof.  
Never ruin a cushion again. Our Viscotec™ memory foam car and truck seat overlay comfort cushions are covered with a soft skin-like Vyvex-I™,  a fluid-proof, anti-microbial nylon cover. Cushion easily wipes clean. 

Most Gel Car Cushions are imported from China using materials sourced in China where the health and safety regulations are not stringent nor controlled. 
The Gel-Pro Eilte Gel Car Cushion is Made in the USA to stringent medical grade health and safety standards.




Gel Pro Elite....There is no better Gel Car Cushion on the market!

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