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supreme air alternating pressure mattress  

Setting up the System

  • - Un-pack the mattress and place on top of the hospital bed and attach the adjustable straps around the four corners of the hospital bed frame.
  • - Make sure that the CPR release valve is at the left head side of the bed and is clear of the bed rails.
  • - Secure the pump to the footboard of the bed with the fold-away bed hanger brackets (LOCATED ON THE BACK OF THE PUMP.)
  • - Plug the pump into a grounded electrical outlet.
  • - Attach hose from the mattress to the input located on side of pump.
  • - Push connector till it locks in place.
  • - Turn pump to the on position and adjust dial to maximum output. (SWITCH TO STATIC MODE FOR RAPID INFLATION TO FIRM UP MATTRESS FIFTEEN MINUTES.
  • - To fill the mattress quickly, use the optional orange inflator. Insert the inflator into the CPR PORT located on the left head side of the bed.
  • - Twist the CPR to the open position and fill till all bladders are firm.
  • - Once filled, twist the CPR PORT to the closed position. ALLOW SYSTEM TO RUN ONE COMPLETE 10-MINUTE CYCLE.
  • - Unzip top cover from the foot end of the mattress half way. Unfold Safety Side Rail System and secure them on both sides, in an upright position running parallel to the length of the mattress.
  • - Zip mattress closed and follow operating procedures.


Pump Setting Chart 



85 - 120


120 - 160

1 - 2

150 - 195

1 - 3

175 - 205

2 - 4

200 - 250

3 - 5

245 - 300

4 - 6

300 - 350




Operating Procedures

  • - Once mattress is fully inflated, SWITCH PUMP TO ALTERNATING MODE, place patient on to the mattress. Allow the system to run a full cycle (10 min.).
  • - Adjust the comfort control knob to the patient’s desired level.
  • - A hand check can be performed by placing your hand under the patient on a deflated bladder. Make sure the patient is not touching the base of thebed. If this occurs increase the output by turning the control dial higher.
  • - In the event of cardiac arrest, twist the CPR, to release air. It will take less than 10 seconds to deflate.
  • - Once unit has cycled please refer to the weight chart. Keep in mind that this chart is just a guide. Patient comfort needs to be assessed as well.


Cleaning and Laundering Procedures

Disassembling the System

  • Unplug Pump from electrical outlet.
  • Disconnect mattress hoses from pump. 
  • Twist CPR Valve to open position to release air.
  • Insert orange deflator into the CPR Valve and evacuate air until mattress is totally flat.
  • Tuck hoses in mattress and roll it to fit into carry bag.

Safety Tips

  • Do not expose the pump or power cord to liquids of any kind
  • Always protect the system from open flames
  • Avoid the use of hypercarbonate or phenol based solutions in cleaning
  • Avoid the use of sharp objects near the mattress
  • Always store the mattress clean and dry
  • Consider the appropriate use of side rails on the patients bed