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How do coccyx cushions help prevent tailbone pain?

What is the coccyx?- The Tale of the Tail

Your coccyx is a small bone at the base of your spine. The coccyx is created by five fused vertebrae that create a well-defined bump on the back of your pelvis. This area is also the connection point of many essential muscles and tendons. The coccyx is widely accepted as part of a rudimentary tail bone in humans that has lost its original function through evolution. Most people do not know they have a tailbone until they feel pain.

Tailbone pain is typically caused by over-stressing or pressure on the lower spine’s coccyx bone. But the root cause may not always be clear, and treatment options limited. Coccyx cushions offer a solution.

Which Coccyx Cushion is right for you?

There are a wide variety of coccyx cushions available. Some cushions are made of foam, others of gel and foam, self-adjusting air, and for people with skin breakdown, alternating pressure coccyx cushions. Which cushion is right for the individual depends on several factors. These include a person's weight if they are bony if they are at risk of skin breakdown or have an existing pressure ulcer. A good coccyx should provide comfort, support, pressure relief, skin protection, and in some cases the prevention and treatment of stages I-IV pressure injury.

Not all Coccyx Cushions are Equal

When purchasing a coccyx cushion look for higher-quality cushions. These types of cushions utilize high-quality materials tested for function and durability and made without toxic chemicals. They also feature specialized covers to help prevent shearing and tearing. Unfortunately, there are many imported cushions on the market that do not provide support and break down quickly.

We feature only high-quality cushions constructed from foam and gel materials certified to be free from Formaldehyde and toxic heavy metals. The materials used in our cushions have been lab-tested for durability.

All coccyx cushion sizes and customized coccyx cushions

We stock the widest selection of coccyx cushion sizes supporting both standard and bariatric weights in foam, gel, gel-flex, self-adjusting air, and alternating pressure.

We are coccyx cushion experts

Comforts Best is the developer of the first alternating pressure coccyx cushion and many other specialized cushions for the prevention and treatment of pain and skin breakdown.

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